デザイナー TOMOOのプロフィール



2003年にはパリの展示会に出展する等活動の場を海外にも広げ、日本ではIFFrooms、Gift Show等といった企業向け商業見本市に年2回出展して受注生産体制を築く他、デパートやギャラリーで個展やグループ展も開催。




ブランドコンセプトは、Wild Plantsで、バッグ自体に自由に枝葉を伸ばす植物のような生命感が漲る作品作りを目指している。


Biography of Designer Tomoo



Tomoo holds a Degree in English & American Literature from KansaiUniversity of Foreign Languages in Osaka, and a Degree in Fashion &Pattern-Making from Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo.

Tomoo also studied Printed Textile Design at Winchester School of ArtIn the U,K.


Employment-Textile Design

Tomoo has worked for textile studios in London, such as Carver and Pound and Atom Design, and as a freelance textile designer specializing in printed textile for women’s fashion. Her designs were mainly sold in the U.K, Germany, Japan and France.

After 2 years working in London, Tomoo moved to Tokyo and started work there As a freelance designer, with several textile company’s in Japan, producing original designs inspired by both East and West, which proved to be very popular.Soon, Ichida Co.Ltd set up Tomoo’s own Lavel,Which she named “T.H.O.2”(The Harmony Of The Opposites), The concept of the T.H.O.2”was the balance between light and Dark, black and white etc. The T.H.O.2 collections designd and organized by Tomoo, wereshown in Tokyo and Osaka by-annually.

As well as this, she also worked closely with Nuno(Arai Creation System),A company created by world renowned textile designer, Junichi Arai. Nuno is famous for it’s dericate and modern fabrics, Which combine traditional Japanese Weaving techniques and state-of-art technology.For Nuno, Tomoo creatd experimental designs inspired by nature and historical sight she had experienced while traveling extensively around Asia, Europe and  the Middle-east. These woven fabrics were often bought by Fahion designers such as Donna Karan.

As well as Ichida and Nuno Tomoo has worked for many other well known textile companies, which includes Takisada, Longchamp, Marubeni, Toyo-shoji etc.

Award Tomoo has awarded the Japan textile association award in 1993.


Employment-Bag design

In 2000, Tomoo began to design and make hand-bags for women.

The demand for her bags increased rapidly and so, in 2001, she established her own bag label, “TOMOO”. The concept of the label is “Freedom of Wild plants’

She has participated in international fashion trade shows, such as 

The Gift Show, I.F.F, Rooms, Under, and Ambience in Japan and Who’s Next, The Box in Paris.

As her background is not in the bag-making industry, her bag-designs have unique atmosphere, which has been well accepted by by the fashion business which has attracted many big-name clients such as Barney’s New York, Tomorrowland, Iena, Pal group, World, and Marzen etc,

As well as above mentioned sales thorough retail shops, she sometimes holds events in Dept stores such as Matsuya, Mitsukoshi(Ginza) Odakyu, Takashimaya (Shinjyuku) Tokyu (Sibuya) , Hankyu(Umeda) etc.